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How to Generate 1,000+ Leads a Year as an Alternative Wellness Spa (Part 3)

October 16, 20232 min read

What's a Lead and Why You're Missing Out on Hundreds of Them

First off, let's clear the air—what exactly is a lead? Think of a lead as a new friend you've just met but haven't gotten to know yet. It could be someone who slides into your Facebook DMs or someone who hands you their business card at a local event. The key? You can follow up with them.

various ways to collect leads  for a local business

The Untapped Goldmine: 1,000 New Leads Every Year

Now, here's a number that might surprise you: successful local service-based businesses should be raking in at least 1,000 new leads every year. Yep, you read that right. But here's the kicker—most businesses are dropping the ball on this.

The Common Mistake: Skipping Steps in the Customer Journey

You see, most businesses think, "Hey, they know us, let's get them to buy or schedule something." Hold your horses! That's like asking someone to marry you on the first date. If you do this, you're skipping FOUR crucial steps in the customer journey.

Don't skip steps in your customer journey

The Numbers Don't Lie: Unlocking Hidden Opportunities

Let's talk numbers. If 500 people visit your page in a month, only about 5-10 (1-2%) would be ready to make a purchase. But what if you could unlock an additional 50 (10%) potential customers?

How? By giving them more ways to connect without committing their time or money right away.

You might wonder, “What about the other 90+% who visit the page?” Don’t worry, we’ll cover that at another time.

The Secret Sauce: How We Opened Up More Options

So, how did we do it? First, we nailed our messaging (see our previous blog for the juicy details). Then, we rolled out an irresistible offer—an Introductory Session for just $25, down from the usual $50.

local businesses need an introductory offer for their website

Making It Easy: The Power of a Simple Form

But we didn't stop there. We added a chat widget and a pop-up box to our site, making it ridiculously easy for them to claim the offer. The result? A significant uptick in people taking us up on our offer.

chat widgets for local businesses makes generate leads easier

The Proof is in the Pudding: Our Facebook Ad Results

Curious about the ROI? Here's a snapshot of how many leads we generated from our Facebook ads.

Our results from our 90 day pilot

The Next Step: Don't Drop the Ball on Follow-Up

Now that we've got a bunch of interested folks, the next step is crucial—following up. And let's be honest, most people either do it wrong or give up too soon. Stay tuned for our next blog where we'll spill the beans on a proven follow-up framework that works like a charm.

Would you like some help implementing the steps above?

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